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Artist statement


 Unwrapping: translucent floating colors


 Without fail my artwork brings smiles of delight and satisfaction to people of all ages. Rich warm colors, supple embracing texture, translucent fabrics, excited by light flowing through them and reflecting off the surface ~altogether offering a complex visual statement. My designs are often derived from leaves, the flight of birds and insects, cloud patterned skies and maps.


 Tying up: Some practical details


 I have a long history of preparing site specific works for private, public and corporate spaces. The fabrics-silk, nylon, metallics- are pieced, layered, machine sewn, finished on both sides. The fabric can be treated with UV block and/or flame retardant. maintenance; remove dust with a soft brush as needed.


 Wrap up;


 I offer art work of contemporary design, enduring interest, and durable construction that is easy to maintain.



Louise Kodis ,Artist / Spokane, Washington


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